Your mind has a powerful impact on your body and your physical health. So mastering your thoughts and “mind control” is an important factor in your overall health and wellbeing that you can’t ignore.

Best Mind Mastery Guide & Tools

Myths Around Mental Health

The stigma around mental health is fueled by a number of myths and Simi is bursting the myths around mental health illness and also opening up with her struggle with anxiety disorder back in 2013. Gain powerful insights and first-hand information from Simi through this video.

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Body Scan Meditation for Relaxation | 12 Min Meditation

A Short Guided Meditation by Simi for body scan to develop self awareness of the sensations caused by thoughts. Becoming aware of the different parts of the body and witnessing the sensations allow one to release the tension and bring in peace, harmony and stability in the body-mind

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Get Un-trapped Mentally | by Simi Arora

In this video, Simi Arora shared the 5 Key signs that can allow you to see closely if you are out of alignment with ONENESS of life. She talks about the illusion of separation with life and how it can create mental problems and unhappiness in our lives.

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4 Powerful Insights to Fix Your Mental Health

Simi has shared some powerful insights on how you should look at anxiety and depression as a positive thing rather than taboo. She shares very important tools and techniques to change your mindset and neurotransmitters in your brain for a healthy and powerful mental cognition.

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